Jasmine Tukur

Jasmine Tukur is a graduate of Reading University with a BA in Sociology with Psychology and an MSc in International Relations of the EU and International Studies from Loughborough University.  She hails from Borno State, Nigeria.  Jasmine has over 15 years work experience spanning across roles in Administration, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Hospitality and Lifestyle both locally and abroad.

Jasmine has had the privilege of working with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds and is highly articulate.  She has perfected her Executive leadership skills in her current occupation at PPC Limited over 10 years but began on her first project whilst a student, on an Outward Bound course, where she led a group on expedition in Wales.

Jasmine is a natural communicator on all stratas with a gregarious personality who is passionate about the welfare of society as a whole, empowerment of the underprivileged, most especially causes tailored to supporting Women and Children in need.  

Jasmine is the Executive and Creative Director of Arewa Pot Limited specializing in Northern Nigerian Culture and Lifestyle.  She is married with children.

Jasmine joined IWS in 2007 and joined the IWS Executive in 2017 as Programmes Secretary.