Mrs. Grace Kalango

Mrs. Grace Kalango, the Zambian born Managing Director of Towdah Travels and Tours Limited, attended Moira House School, Eastbourne, Sussex for her 'O' levels, Eaton and Wallis College London for her 'A' levels and graduated from the City of London Polytechnic. She is also the holder of a Diploma in Early Learning Education from Middlesex University. 

She is a recipient of various awards including the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Networks Youth Ambassador Award.

She worked with Wathams and Wathams Insurance group in East Croydon and taught in Dollis Junior School, Mill Hill, London. 

Upon arrival in Nigeria, Mrs. Grace Kalango served as the Financial Secretary of the Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industries (NASSI) for a number of years. 

Being a compassionate loving wife and mother, Grace will not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that peoples lives are touched positively.  

This attribute led her to start the "Touched By Grace Initiative", an NGO aimed at empowering lives. 

Thirteen years ago, in furtherance of this desire to positively impact on people's lives and give back to society she joined the International Women's Society (IWS) where she has served as Assistant Membership Secretary, Membership Secretary, Vice President and subsequently the 56th President of the Society in the 2013/14 year.  

She is currently the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee.